Apologies for being so slack. Here’s my excuse…

I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while. Having started this blog I soon realised that I don’t have time for the damn thing. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it. I do. It’s just that as a Dad with two annoying kids—one of whom refuses to sleep, the other refuses to wake up in a good mood; as a full-time postman with long hours and longer walks resulting in a very tired Chris that has no time to nap due to kiddy responsibilities; as a blogger for My Royal Mail with deadlines to meet that simply are not met; as a fiancé to the one whom I love dearly, the one who supports my demented aspirations to finish my frickin novel, the one that I have shared far more special moments with than I can count, the one that does my fucking nut in every day and gives me orders to put the washing out; as an avid user of alcohol—always clouding my judgement; and finally, as a wannabe writer, trying to finish that first daft that will inevitably get chucked in the bin, it gets a bit tough to focus on everything else a writer has to do to be a writer these days.

You have to blog, because it keeps people engaged. It reminds them that you’re still alive and that you’re still struggling away trying to get something out there for the world to throw back in your face. Or not.

You have to Tweet. Twitter is a writers go-to social media platform. In the couple of months I’ve been semi-active on Twitter, trying to learn the tricks I need to learn to survive this so-called writer’s life, I’ve made (as of writing this) 99 friends. Or Followers, as they’re called on Twitter. I’m astonished and overwhelmed because I never thought I’d ever reach that number. But then, there are other writers on there who joined after me and now have 4,637 followers and I just can’t be arsed doing all the necessary networking required to get to that stage.

Rather than Tweeting and blogging constantly, I’d sooner just make a promise to you all here and now: I am working on that first draft. One day the novel will be out there, because that’s what I’m focusing all of my very limited free time doing. I feel that’s more important than re-tweeting a fucking #writerslift.

This is not a goodbye, though. I will carry on blogging and Tweeting in my usual lame capacity. I just wanted to give you an excuse as to why I’m so crap at it.

One thing I do have to share is that I’m currently ‘shopping around’ a short story of mine. It’s being edited as we speak. When I get sick of the rejection letters, I’m thinking of self-publishing it and giving it away as an ebook. But I’ll let you guys know more as soon as I do.

Anyway, Happy Friday, guys. Have blessed one😈

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