How To Cure A Hangover In 6 Easy Steps.

Holy Shit I Feel Shit.

It was my one-year-old’s first birthday party yesterday. Happy Birthday, my beautiful little baby girl. Now I have a horrendous hangover and I’m in search of a cure…

A metaphorical search, of course; because my body isn’t moving from this here toilet that I’m currently perched upon. I feel like my neck is gonna fall off my shoulders. I need hangover cure ideas, guys. So far, I have:

1) McDonalds Chips – Sometimes the crispy, salty goodness is just what you require after a debauchery-fuelled evening. Sometimes though, they’re floppy and limp and nobody wants a floppy limp chip.

2) A Brisk Winter Walk – fuck that. I’m not doing that.

3) Pharmaceuticals – regardless of whether they actually physically work or not, sometimes popping a paracetamol or two helps my brain forget that I want to caress the toilet seat.

4) A Fry-Up – too much effort to make whilst hungover, but to go to a cafe… Hmmm? Then I’d have to take the kids and get them in and out of their car seats. No, too much effort.

5) Salmon salad – I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes what my body needs isn’t greasy or crispy or crunchy or fatty goodness. It’s a bit of omega 3.

6) A nap – time is the only real great healer, and what better way to rejuvenate the mind and body than via the unconscious?

…Well, let me tell you that 2 hours after beginning this post, today’s hangover cure was a mixture of option 3 and option 6. I might try out option 4 now.

Happy Sunday, guys. Back to complete normality tomorrow.

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