Hi everyone! I’m Chris.

I’ll start this here (alien to me) blogging game by saying Happy New Year. It’s been a shit year, let’s be honest. I have no political agenda, but I don’t really trust the blonde fella in charge; he looks like my 1-year-old. Liverpool are set to win the Prem. F1 legend, Nikki Lauder passed away and bloody Chewey’s dead.

I’m not a doomy gloomy type of guy. Really I’m not. But I am a little pissed that I have to start a blog in the hope of getting people to read my fiction, like. Gone are the good old days of football in the street and making friends in the real world.

I love meeting new people. I do. I’m a writer, but I’m not that stereotypical, introvert writer that sits at home alone, meditating in a locked room. I’d rather grab a beer with my buds. Ya know?

I’ve never much liked social media, though. The only reason I got myself a Facebook all those years ago was so that I could cheaply keep in contact with my friends and family whilst I was off on tour playing rockstar. I now require a Twitter account so I can make some writer friends. I have no writer friends which makes me sad. Trying to find any writers in my hometown of Bradford is like trying to find the elusive G-spot in the snatch of a virgins pelvis.

If you know of any (writers, not virgins) send em my way!

It’s my daughters first birthday today, so my introductory blog post won’t get the full attention that it deserves, but I wanted to make sure I published it on New Year’s Day. Kind of as a song of intention for the rest of the year.

I plan to let you guys know of any fiction I’m working on, or that I attempt to publish. And if there’s nothing for me to talk about regarding actual writing, which is highly likely, then I’d like to give you all some light toilet-time reading. You know, stuff about the world’s ongoings, my annoying children, my clumsy working life, my stupid friends and family etc.

Oh, one more thing I should mention… This is obviously my first ever blog/website thingy. As you can probably tell, I haven’t much clue what I’m doing. Bare with me whilst I work on making it easier to access and generally a bit better.

Happy New Year, everyone. The only way is up. Right?

2 Replies to “Hi everyone! I’m Chris.”

  1. Chris, Katie Lister is also an amazing writer, you can connect with her through twitter. She has loads of followers. She’s a friend, very funny and incredibly talented! She writes about totally different stuff to you but she knows what she’s doing in terms of getting up and running.


    1. Hey Helen! Ah, man. That would be awesome. Do you know her actual twitter name? I can’t seem to find her. But thank you! I’d love any advice I can possibly get my hands on! Hope you guys are well xxx


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